Where to go ashore on Lefkas for the best beaches

2nd May 2018

With over 10,000 miles of coastline to explore on a Greek yacht charter holiday, our bases are the perfect gateways to discover some of the globe’s most tranquil islands, hidden coves, beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine. Here, we take a look at each of our bases in Greece. Cyclades With over 200 islands to discover,

Food glorious food and how to provision

28th March 2018

The easy ways to provision your charter with food, glorious food We all laughed in the office at this story about how Dominos commandeered a boat to get a pizza to a desperately hungry person during a flood. Yet it’s…

LateSail Spotlight – Lavrion, Greece

6th March 2018

If you are looking to sail in the Cyclades and/or the Saronic, Lavrion is perfectly positioned to explore both sailing grounds. Getting to Lavrion is straightforward - from Athens airport it is around 30 minutes by taxi. The same distance…

Choosing your Bareboating Experience: Greece or Turkey?

27th February 2018

Sailing in the eastern Mediterranean is a beautiful experience, and many people can’t wait to go there for their next bareboat charter. The logical question is where exactly to go? We’re often asked which is better, Greece or Turkey, so…

Ideal Greek islands to charter for US sailors

21st February 2018

With its warm climate, the Mediterranean is a fantastic spring, summer and autumn sailing destination for bareboat lovers. Greece offers thousands of islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas, divided into the Saronic, Northern Sporades, Ionian, Dodecanese, Aegean, Cyclades and…

Tips for Sailing with First-Timers

5th June 2017

There is something incredibly special about the first time someone feels the wind filling the sails and propelling the boat silently over the waves. Taking beginners out on a charter can be highly rewarding, as long as you prepare your…

Where Are You Going to Sail This Winter?

7th February 2017

Winter brings out two types of yachting enthusiasts, those who seek adventure in extreme conditions, and those who run as far from the cold as humanly possible. The first group are thrill seekers; the challenges presented by the cold are…

Exploring Lefkas in Greece with a bareboat yacht charter

22nd July 2016

Even the most travelled sailors have been completely captivated by Greece’s beauty, ancient culture, gastronomic delights, relaxed atmosphere and friendly welcome. The country’s thousands of islands offer a bounty of varied landscapes, from dazzling white beaches, private inlets and turquoise…

Five reasons to consider a bareboat yacht charter this year

6th June 2016

If you’ve been on a crewed or cabin yacht charter, then you’ve probably become as addicted to sailing as the team at LateSail! Although you’ll have first-hand experience of a great sailing vacation, you could challenge yourself a little further…

Things to Know about Bareboat Charters in Greece

29th February 2016

If you love sailing, you’ve probably heard many sailors recommend chartering a yacht in Greece. This part of the world is famous for its crystalline waters, sumptuous Mediterranean food and reliable breezes that make for a relaxing getaway. This  wonderful…

Things to Know about Bareboat Charters in Greece

9th July 2015

If you love sailing you’ve probably heard the tales about chartering a yacht in Greece; its crystalline waters, great Mediterranean food and nice reliable breezes. It is a wonderful place to go, and quite accessible. Here we’ll tell you a…

Organize a Sailing Vacation to Greece or Croatia

21st February 2014

If you’re looking for a fun getaway with a group of friends sailing can be the perfect way to spend time together, discover new things and above all, have fun! Options like gulet charters in the Eastern Med are very…

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