Boat Rentals for Summer 2016

It may seem as though warm days are still far away but before we know it summer will be here! There is nothing quite like spending time on a boat- the gentle rocking of the waves, breeze on your skin and waking up to the sun rise each morning makes for summer memories that stay with you forever.


Sailing is a family activity and a holiday all in one; you just need to find the right boat rental for your group. Summer is actually considered low season in many beautiful Caribbean sailing destinations, and LateSail offers some of the best discounts at that time of year.

Visit the BVI to enjoy the quiet season. Things may be a bit sleepy, with fewer open restaurants, but many say it is the best time of year to go. You will avoid the crowds and have the chance to enjoy the islands with fewer tourists around.Sailing_2016_2

Rent a boat in St. Vincent and you can sail to celebrity hideaways such as the island of Mustique. The big island of St. Vincent itself has things to explore before you set off on your way, like the Soufriere Volcano and the botanical gardens on the northern edge of Kingstown.

The half French and half Dutch island of St. Martin also has beautiful laid back sailing in summer, offering a good mix of culture to enjoy as well. Here you can choose your own adventure. Opt for short passages between pretty beaches and snorkeling spots, or longer more challenging days of sailing.Sailing_2016_1

Now is a wonderful time to do your research to find the perfect boat rental. Browse our site for the best offers- you can enter your dates to get a feel for pricing and contact our experts to help firm up your plans.

Off the Beaten Track: Sailing the Out Islands of the Bahamas

The Out Islands of the Bahamas are also known as the Family Islands; in part because they are grouped like a family around the island of Nassau, but also because these islands’ remote location makes their inhabitants more likely to view each other as family.bahamas_4

When it comes to sailing off the beaten track and discovering the ‘real Bahamas’ the Out Islands are what it’s really all about. They’ll take you far from the crowds, the resorts with every imaginable amenity and away from the high rise hotels. This is a different kind of island vibe, where you can create a unique Caribbean vacation and explore at your own pace.

This relaxed chain of islands is composed of over 700 islands and these are in turn grouped into their own particular chains or archipelago. Even their name implies a particular departure from the well-known islands of the Bahamas; which are in and of themselves practically synonymous with the Caribbean.

The Out Islands lay near the Florida coast, wrapping around the third largest reef system in the world as well as a deep abyss called Tongue of the Ocean. The range of exotic marine life here makes it an absolute must for divers and snorkelers; the abyss reaches 6,000 feet at its deepest point.bahamas_3

For non-sailors navigating the more remote parts of the Out Islands requires passage on a public ferry, fishing vessel or even a mail boat. But this is where your bareboat charter and sailing experience really come in handy! Captaining your own ship allows you to sail to many places that are impossible for the average traveler to see.

The Out Islands are in fact a premier boating destination, with thousands of square miles of gorgeous blue waters and plenty of smaller islands to discover. What’s more, full service marinas are widely available on many of the islands, where boaters can find fuel, dockage, professional help (if necessary) and good provisions. Locals are friendly and willing to point out each island’s must-see sights. Boating is a way of life here, with small vessels taking the place of a family car. Many island inhabitants use boats to get to work, or load the entire family in for weekend outings.bahamas_2

The Abacos and Bimini are popular with power boaters, while sailboats’ longer cruising distances often allows them to go much farther south. You can download thorough Bahamas Out Island marina information here.

With a charter from LateSail you can set off from Marsh Harbor on Great Abaco Island. Head off to Elbow Cay, Man ‘o’ War Cay, Green Turtle Cay and Great Guana Cay. Or, choose a southern route with longer passages, taking you to Harbour Island, Eleuthera and Cat Island. Beyond lay the islands of San Salvador and Long Island, with beautiful snorkeling and diving as well.

The people of the Out Islands make sailing in the Bahamas a joy; the families that inhabit the chains of low-lying cays are a blend of Loyalist planters, English puritans and African slaves. They speak a unique form of English that originated from a version of the language that has almost disappeared from the Western Hemisphere.bahamas_1

When exploring the Out Island Cuisine you’ll find classic dishes like barbecued chicken with rice and peas. Try asking where the local fish fry is and you’ll be directed to the local food stalls serving up the catch of the day along with conch salad and Bahamanian souse.

Winds in the region average around 5-20 knots throughout the year although you may experience stronger gusts from the Northwest in winter. For more information about getting to and chartering in the Out Islands of the Bahamas, contact your LateSail Advisor.

Where to Snorkel in the Bahamas

Dipping below the surface and taking a look life underwater is one of life’s great pleasures. First-time snorkelers are often in awe of just how therapeutic and simply incredible it can be to see fish, colourful coral and other marine animals in their natural habitats. It often becomes a pleasant lifelong obsession, perhaps progressing into diving. Snorkeling is a top priority during many bareboat charters in warm waters.

Snorkelers are looking for crystal clear visibility and reefs chock-full of fish. It’s also nice to go to places where you don’t expect to see too many other snorkelers; where you and your group can explore at your leisure without bumping hulls with other sailors or kicking each other with your flippers.


When it comes to underwater visibility and beautiful snorkeling destinations you really can’t go wrong in the Bahamas. Read on for a few of the best place to go during your Bahamas charter. Our experts can also help guide you.

Stocking Island in the Exumas

This island is just a mile away from George Town which is the capital of the Exumas. The area has long been renowned among sailors and visitors for its crystalline waters. Stocking Island is a long, thin strip of land that boasts underwater caves, brilliant coral pools of fresh water floating on the ocean water; also known as blue holes.

Grand Bahama

Although not so far removed from the highest volumes of tourism, Grand Bahama offers its fair share of beautiful snorkeling spots. These include Gold Rock and Silver Point Reef, with stunning coral beds. Visitors also love Ben’s Cave; part of the Lucayan Caverns.



Bimini’s attraction comes in the form of black coral gardens that can be accessed easily from the shore. It also has plenty of colorful marine life in between, creating a stunning contrast. Dolphins can be spotted, and there is even a section of large flat rocks that some claim are a foot path to the mythical city of Atlantis.

Elbow Cay

One of the first stops in our suggested itinerary, Elbow cay’s waters are kept crystal clear by a Gulf Stream current. This rush of water cleanses and purifies the waters, resulting in excellent visibility in places like Mermaid Beach; with a very colorful reef and gorgeous marine life.

San Salvador

If you venture farther into the southern region of the Bahamanian Islands (a supreme benefit of captaining your own boat) you’ll be blessed with the chance to explore some of its most pristine areas. San Salvador is relatively undiscovered in comparison with many of the other islands in the Bahamas. It features gorgeous snorkeling at places like Grotto Bay and Sandy Point.


Long Island

Also in the southern Bahamas, Long Island has beach coves on its eastern side that offer a number of opportunities to discover amazing snorkeling spots. It also has good conditions for seeing plenty of underwater wildlife near several of its beaches.

You can even plan a Bahamas charter tour to cover some of the area’s best snorkeling hot spots. Our experts have years of experience sailing in the region and can help you chart the best course to create a snorkeler’s dream vacation. Contact us today!

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean

The Caribbean offers endless variety and opportunity to scuba diving enthusiasts of all levels. There are natural coral reefs, lava flows, and even wrecks to explore. Scuba diving is a great way to add some adventure to your charter and can be enjoyed by anyone from ages 12 and up.


Diving in the Caribbean

Before Your Charter

There are various ways to make sure you are certified and ready to dive on your charter. If you are going on a crewed charter, it is important to note whether there is a Dive Instructor or a Dive Master on your crew. Dive Instructors are able to certify you while on your charter and take you diving once you have done the appropriate course work (all completed while on your charter). Dive Masters cannot certify you, they are there to guide you underwater. If it is a Dive Master that is on your crew, you would need to be certified prior to your charter. This can easily be done by doing the necessary courses and pool dives at home before you depart, and then you can do your open water dive while on your charter and become fully certified. There is also the option of a resort course, which will teach you all the basics within a few hours though it will not fully certify you. These short courses will have you ready to dive while on your charter in just a matter of hours. Any local dive shop or resort can help you set this up, that way you are scuba ready for your charter.

Top Dive Spots:

The British Virgin Islands


This is a perfect destination for beginner divers, with sheltered waters and plenty of exciting spots to explore. The most popular spot being the wreck of the RMS Rhone off of Salt Island, which is one of the most well-known wreck dives in all of the Caribbean. This 310 foot Royal Mail Steamship went down due to a hurricane in 1867 and is now a must-see exploration spot for all divers as the ruins are still surprisingly conserved. Once you explore the Rhone ruins, also be sure to check out The Indians off of Norman Island. These unique rock formations form underwater tunnels home to a variety of corals and colorful reef fish.


Grenada is known for its wreck dives, most notably the Bianca C. which is also known as the “Titanic of the Caribbean.” This 600’ cruise ship sank in 1961 and is now home to some fascinating underwater life including spotted eagle rays, reef sharks, and great barracudas. While this particular dive is more geared towards advanced divers due to the depth and current, there are other fascinating wreck dives in Grenada for all levels.


Dominica makes for a diver’s paradise with its beautiful coral reefs and varied dive spots all around the island. The more well-known dive spots are off the island’s southwestern end, but the west coast as a whole will have plenty to offer divers. If you are interested in some exciting wall dives, spots in this area would include Rodney’s Rock, Castaways Reef, and Nose Reef. One of the more popular spots is Soufriere Bay which is actually a submerged ancient volcano crater that also has shallow reefs to explore around the rim. Between October and March, sperm whales are common and dive operators often offer diving excursions to go spot them.


The Islands of the Bahamas have a huge variety of thrilling diving experiences to offer divers of any level. If you are sailing the Abacos, then the shipwreck USS Adirondack in the reef off of Man-O-War Cay is a must see. This gunboat sank in 1882 and there are still well preserved cannons to explore. Other good spots along this sailing route are Green Turtle Cay and Treasure Cay, all centered around 150 of incredible reef.  If you are instead sailing the Exumas, there are also plenty of unique dive spots you will not want to miss. Here you will fascinating blue holes to explore, which are underwater caves. These include Crab Cay Crevasse off of George Town and Angel Fish Blue Hold off of Stocking Island. If you are feeling adventurous, there are even opportunities for shark dives, where you can swim with reef sharks.



Home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, Belize offers stunning diving opportunities to experience exciting marine life. Just off-shore from San Pedro is Ambergris Car, part of a strictly enforced marine park located within the barrier reef. Here you will find huge varieties of sea life and coral, and even some nurse sharks and sting rays. One of the most notable dives would be The Blue Hole, this hole in the reef spanning more than 1000 feet across is a spectacular site that you will not find elsewhere.

These are just a few suggestions, but the Caribbean offers endless amazing dive opportunities for those ready to start exploring. Whether it’s shipwrecks, coral, caves, or even sharks, there is a great scuba diving opportunity for everyone in the Caribbean.

Bareboat Charter in the Pacific North West

While we all love blue sky and white sandy beaches, not so many of us are aware of the treasures that live within the crystal clear water off the Pacific North West’s many pristine islands.


Rocky beach and driftwood tree logs swept ashore on the wild Oregon coast

Book a bareboat yacht charter from May to September and be guided by the world’s largest mammals through stunning islands and majestic mountainous scenery.

Restless in Seattle

The Pacific Northwest offers visitors multitudes of thrills and attractions, from its captivating nature to major metropolitan cities. Begin your voyage by flying to Seattle.  Be the first to catch the salmon, literally, at Pike’s Place Market. Take home souvenirs from Fraser’s city (everyone’s favourite radio host), enjoy a meal atop the World Famous Space Needle (probably your screensaver at work), and of course catching a game at one of the city’s world class stadiums is a must. Seattle has the Seahawks, the Mariners (there’s a lot of water) and even a ‘soccer’ team – The Seattle Sounders FC.

Anna’s courtesies

Your charter begins just north of the city on Fidalgo Island. Here you will get a preview of the incredible green islands you are about to sail through. In the historic town of Anacortes (or Anna Curtis, so named after the island’s founders’ wife) you will find brochures and information on safety and weather conditions.


Pacific Northwest

Oh Victoria, how green looketh their appearance

Sail alongside Orcas (in fact there’s an island named after them), sea lions and seals up Puget Sound through the world’s green machine. Pine forests, mountains and clear waters offer peace and tranquility unique to the islands of San Juan. Ahead is your entrance into Canada and the next port, Victoria. Victoria houses the immense and spectacular BC Parliament, a lighthouse and even a castle. A friendly, unfortified Canadian castle.


 The city of Van

Crave a return to city and civilisation? Sailing got you hungry? It’s an easy sail to the next major city on your trip – Vancouver. If you are feeling hungry, Vancity (as the locals call it) has every, yes every type of food your taste buds may fancy (probably even some flavours your tongue hasn’t heard of). If sports is your cup of tea (English Breakfast with a bacon butty) then drop anchor – Vancouver has every indoor and outdoor variety at its doorstep. For those with calmer sensibilities take a walk along Deep Cove, for more adventurous types try kayaking with Killer Whales. Go zip lining or bungee jumping off Grouse Mountain for more heart pounding thrills.


Go to the Pacific Northwest to get in touch with nature. Be in awe of its beauty and pay our sea dwelling mammals respect as you sail through one of the most unforgettable journeys of your life.


The Best of Snorkelling in Antigua

If you are sailing through the Caribbean and looking for a fun activity, there’s nothing better than snorkelling. Throughout the Caribbean there are thousands of snorkelling and diving spots that allow you to explore the deep habitats of many, many different tropical fish. Antigua, in particular, is one of the best areas to snorkel in.


The Best of Snorkelling in Antigua

With 365 wonderful beaches, there is an abundance of places to explore. These islands are surrounded almost completely by coral reefs with shipwrecks also dotted about the area, many of which you can reach from the shore. If you are spending the day on the beach, many offer rental equipment to use without any snorkelling instruction. Or, if you prefer, many spots that are perfect for snorkelling are only available by boat. Hire an instructor for your own yacht or sign up for an excursion.


Some of the best spots include:

  1. Deep Bay – This is a shipwreck from 1905 and it’s easily accessible for snorkelers and divers – here you can expect to see small, tropical fish and a collection of sponges.
  2. Great Bird Island Beach – With their shallow reefs and tropical fish that swim right up to the shore, this is an easy location to snorkel and enjoy the sights along the coast.
  3. Carlisle Bay East – Again, this gorgeous beach requires little to no effort when it comes to snorkelling as the fish often come towards the shore.
  4. Darkwood Beach – This isn’t the best beach when it comes to snorkelling but if you have some beginners in your group it’s perfect for them with its calm waters.
  5. Paradise Reef – Just north of Dickenson Bay you can dive in and revel in gorgeous coral gardens. This location is considered one of the best snorkelling spots in Antigua.


Sailing through the Caribbean can be one of the best holidays that you ever decide to take. From stunning beaches to seafood cuisine and snorkelling, the Caribbean will not disappoint. So as you’re dreaming up of activities to do, don’t forget that if sailing in Antigua, it is home to some of the best snorkelling spots in the Caribbean. Sail among the 365 beaches and snorkel on the way.

The Best Sailing Destinations

We’ve been around the world and we’ve chosen 5 of our favourite sailing destinations. Here at LateSail we offer some of the best yacht charters at discount prices in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Take a look at this list and starting planning your next holiday now.

Along the Adriatic Sea, you can explore Croatia. Sail through close to 1,200 islands, revel in the stunning beaches and be alone with your thoughts while fishing in one of the many quaint fishing villages.

CroatiaThe Grenadines have ideal sailing conditions. Quiet and secluded and a wonderful destination for couples, consider a bareboat charter and sail through the 36 islands sprawled across the Caribbean.


The romantic French Riviera is located along the Mediterranean coastline and is full of unspoiled islands and epic yachts. Delight in the luxurious cities of Nice and Monte Carlo. Alternatively, take in some of Europe’s finest cuisine and culture with a yacht charter in Marseille, Cannes or Antibes.


With 6,000 Greek Islands, Greece is one of the best and most popular destinations for yachting enthusiasts in the world. The best way to experience these islands is to sail among them. Get your fill of whitewashed villages, the deep blue Mediterranean, warm sea breezes and endless sunshine. From Cyclades to the Ionians, Greece never disappoints.


Huge stretches of pristine white-sand beaches, fantastic restaurants and boutique shops are only some of the things that are wonderful about Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. With more than 40 islands across the Caribbean Sea you can sail adventurously while exploring protected national parks and The Baths. The Baths are a popular attraction where gigantic boulders form grottos and pools: perfect for paddling, swimming and snorkelling.


When you’re searching for the perfect yacht charter holiday, this list should make your decision a little easier. We offer many gorgeous destinations for you to choose from, just click our Destinations tab and find the yacht charter that best suits your dreams.

Belize Sailing Holiday

Whether as a honeymoon or romantic getaway or as a holiday with family and friends, a chartered yacht in Belize offers something incredibly special. Lush vegetation, turquoise waters dotted with beautiful islands, idyllic beaches and wildlife all make for amazing sailing, sights, mornings, afternoons and evenings.


Belize sandy beach

The Belize Barrier Reef is the second longest in the world and home to hundreds of different fish species and stunning corals and atolls, making it one of the most desirable locations for scuba diving and snorkeling in the region.


But while much of that submarine scenery is truly spectacular, navigating the barrier reef in a yacht can be demanding. However, the coastal passage that lies between Belize and the reef is tremendous for sailing with hundreds of uninhabited islands and cays populating the way, offering tranquil anchorages, swimming and fishing.


Meanwhile, with tropical rainforest hugging the coastline, there is no shortage of wonders to explore onshore. Jungle treks and kayaking offer breathtaking close-up views of the exotic flora and fauna with national parks and wildlife sanctuaries aplenty.


And if that weren’t enough, there are the ancient Mayan ruins to discover, with many of the archaeological sites – some of them stone temples offering spectacular vistas of the surrounding rainforest, some of them cave-deep excavated tombs, the former sites of religious ceremony and sacrifice – approaching 2000 years of age.

There are currently excellent offers to be found for yacht charters in Belize, with many deals offering discounts of 30%.

Real Time Booking for the Best Sailing Holiday

As the first charter company to offer Name your Price booking, LateSail has a long history of anticipating charterer’s needs and responding in kind.

Our team of experienced sailors uses the latest knowledge of boats and destinations to help people find the best option for their sailing holiday; at a certain point it was easy to see that the market was ready for real-time booking. It just makes sense- it’s so much easier to make a decision and choose a great charter offer if you can see what’s available at that exact moment.very_cool_people

This model follows in the footsteps of online travel agencies like Expedia, which is able to show visitors which flights they can choose from at any given time. It’s a great way to take advantage of last minute deals on unsold inventory, or even plan a trip well in advance.

With real time booking you can visit our website, click on a destination and start planning your sailing vacation right there and then. You’ll see which boats are available on which dates. If you know what you’re looking for you can book your trip in the moment. Our advisors are also available for any questions.


Real time booking hasn’t lowered the level of customer service we offer; our experts have personal experience in the destinations we offer. We also go on special reconnaissance trips to check out the fleets each charter company offers, allowing us to recommend options based on our own observations.

With LateSail, the process of booking your sailing holiday is easy from start to finish. From real time booking to advice from experts we make every effort to facilitate the entire experience.

Make this year’s sailing holiday the best ever- take advantage of real time booking and select from over 6000 charter offers!

The Ultimate Sicily Yacht Charter

The beautiful island of Sicily is the largest of the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily also includes a few small islands such as the Aegadian Islands, Aeolian Islands, Pantelleria and Lampedusa.


During a yacht charter to Sicily you’ll find many well-protected anchorages and beautiful sites to explore.  The major sailing centres include: Catania, Isola Salina, Marzamemi, Messina, Milazzo, Palermo, Pozzallo, San Giorgia and Syracuse. When sailing through Sicily it’s best to take it slow. Exposed anchoring is usually safe in settled weather but there are enough harbours and anchorages in the area for easy sailing.

Consider anchoring in Marina di Ragusa. This is a large bay with sand beaches and a sand bottom with great holding. Here you can enjoy nice restaurants and supermarkets for shopping. Take in the waterfront along the beach and appreciate this relaxing town.


The Aeolian Islands are a must-see even if it’s crowded – you won’t to miss out on the volcanic scenery. Anchorages here are exposed; lay a running moor or be ready to move if the weather suddenly changes direction. For the volcanic experience, anchor down in Vulcano where there are two good anchorages separated by a strip. Take a walk up the volcano path or even down into it. It will be an experience you’ll never forget!


Taormina theater in Sicily, Italy


Syracuse is a great place for shopping and markets. Here there is noteworthy architecture of the Greek variety. The cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo incorporates old fluted columns that were built around 500BC. For sailing, you can count on a good marina, town quay and it’s free to anchor in the well-sheltered harbour.

When chartering a yacht in Sicily, research all of the beautiful island and anchorages you may want to experience. If you need help, visit our suggested itineraries for Sicily, Italy and call us for more information.